Brookhouse Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. 

Please note, staff members will respond to phone calls and/or emails within 48 hours.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Scott, Mary Jane Principal 902-435-8318
Aucoin, Susan Vice Principal/Grade Six 902-435-8318
Bird, Cathy Student Services Secretary 902-435-8345
Fraser, Julie Secretary 902-435-8318

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Ayers, Kara Grade Five 902-435-8318
Beaton, Joseph Grade Primary-One 902-435-8318
Belanger, Sandy Early Literacy Teacher (ELT) 902-435-8318
Boudreau, Gilles Core French Teacher 902-435-8318
Casavechia, Patti Music Teacher 902-435-8318
Chisholm, Ainsley Learning Centre Teacher 902-435-8318
Conrod, Joanne Grade Primary 902-435-8318
Cook, Cathy Reading Recovery/Resource 902-435-8318
Cutcliffe, Bonnie Jean Grade Three 902-435-8318
Devine, Stephanie Grade Two 902-435-8318
Fiolek, Natasha Grade Three 902-435-8318
Fioratos, Vicki Gr. 6 Intensive French 902-435-8318
Fraser, Victor Band Teacher 902-435-8318 ext. 435-8420
Highmore, Cheryl Reading Recovery Teacher 902-435-8318
Jerrott, Ian Grade Six 902-435-8318
LeBlanc, Michael Music Teacher 902-435-8318
MacDonald, Karen resource Teacher 902-435-8318
Marshall-Casavechia, Patricia Music Teacher 902-435-8318
McNaughton, Michelle Gr. 2 Teacher 902-435-8318
Mills, Karen Gr. 4 Teacher 902-435-8318
O'Neil, Kelli Grade One 902-435-8318
Plater, Angela Gr. 1 Teacher 902-435-8318
Pruys, Krista Gr. 5 Teacher 902-435-8318 Website
Randall, Diane Gr. 2 Teacher 902-435-8318
Rhodenizer, Amy Grade 4/5 Teacher 902-435-8318
Stewart, Heather Gr. 3/4 Teacher 902-435-8318 Website
Thibodeau, Suzanne Guidance Counsellor 902-435-8318
Welch, Deborah Physical Education Teacher 902-435-8318
Whalley, Craig 10% Physical Education Teacher 902-435-8318
Williams, Kim Gr. Primary Teacher 902-435-8318
Wilson, Gina Learning Center Teacher 902-435-8318

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Aucoin, Angie Pre-Primary Lead ECE 902-435-8318
Boisjoli, Beverley Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8318
Boss, Jacqueline Psychologist 902-435-8747
Chaisson, Victoria Pre-Primary ECE 902-435-8318
Dollimont, Jillian Social Worker 902-435-8345
Fiander, Aubrey Caretaker 902-435-8318
Hollond, Aaron Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8318
Ito, Shirley Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8318
Jabarova, Aliya Pre-Primary Lead ECE 902-435-8318
Kervin, Teri Speech Language Pathologist 902-435-8747
Kilfoil, Jennifer Psychologist 902-435-8747
Koo, Jessie Pre-Primary ECE 902-435-8318
Leadbeater, Laureena Library Assistant 902-435-8318
Leek, Robert African Nova Scotia Student Support Worker 902-435-8318
Mafranc, Claire Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8318
Mahoney, Kelly Psychologist 902-435-8747
Nickerson, Brenda Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8318
Peitzsche, Bev Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8318
Porter, Lydia Speech Language Pathologist 902-435-8747
Probert, Holly Pre-Primary ECE 902-435-8318
Probert, Holly Pre-Primary ECE 9024358318
Read, Laura Educational Program Assistant 902-435-8318
Secord, Michelle Pre-Primary ECE 902-435-8318
Shantz, Taylor Educational Program Assisant 902-435-8318
Skeete, Melodie Social Worker 902-435-8345
Spears-Sampson, Natasha Speech Language Pathologist 902-435-8747
Wainwright, Amanda Pre-Primary Lead ECE 902-435-8318
Walker, Margaret Speech Language Pathologist 902-435-8747
Yu, Xao Pre-Primary ECE 902-435-8318